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24 éprouvettes + bouchons - (2 pochettes de 12)

24 test tubes + caps (2 x 12 items)

Category : Equipment

References : 24 éprouvettes + bouchons - (2 pochettes de 12)

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To keep and store your patterns

To obtain the best results with your liquid or dry patterns, we  propose you our glass test tubes hermetically closed with caps.

Type of patterns : mineral or organic sampling, soil, powders, hair, cotton wool soaked with saliva and dried, drop of dried blood on paper, words written on paper, signature, hand writing, etc.

This allows you to compose a series of persistent pattern, identified by a label on the glass tube.

If you reuse a test tube, clean it with soap and water and allow it to dry. Thereafter insert a small piece of sulfur mounted on a thin stick (or pencil) inside the tube to remove all ghost vibration. When sulfur is removed, the specimen is like new. Proceed identically with the cap.
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