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Règle universelle Servranx

Servranx's universal measuring scale

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For all your measurement works

1 mm white PVC scale – Rigid – Size : 40 x 12 cm

Règle en PVC blanc rigide de 1 mm - Format 40 x 12 cm


The Servranx's universal measuring scale will measure anything with regards to dowsing, radionics and geobiology. It was developed by Josy Florek after the recommendations of the Servranx brothers.

The 5 calibrations proposed will measure whatever is measurable in thousands, hundreds, tens and units. The fifth calibration being a simple centimeter scale.
The scale will measure time (centuries as well as thousands of a second), distances from miles to microns, quantities and volumes, vibrations and radiations, etc.

On the spot marked "témoin principal" (principal patern), simply lay the patern of the subject or object you are about to measure. You can use any kind of patern (organic : hair, impregnated cotton wool, etc. – photograps, plans, maps, manuscripts or printed texts, words, products, etc.).
In using the second spot marked "témoin secondaire" (secondary patern), it is possible to measure compatibility between two different elements (persons, person and medicine, person and her home, two products, etc.).

How to measure

Once you are ready to conduct your measurement, simply launch the pendulum in a parallel swing alongside the chosen scale.
Then slowly shift the swinging pendulum towards the end of the scale. If the answer resides somewhere along the scale, you will see that the pendulum slowly changes the direction of its swing. When the swing is perpendicular to the scale, you have got your answer.
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