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PLANET battery - PLUTO

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References : Accu PLANETAIRE - PLUTON

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To attract favourable PLUTO influences

Servranx planetary batteries
Paterns and means of action for dowsing, radionics, geoboilogy and kinesiology
Each set is presented in a cardboard box bearing our logo and colours.

These batteries are used to improve many different situations, such as :
  • removing conflictual situations within a familial or professional environment;
  • improve your health, both physical and moral;
  • clarify your mind during exam periods or intellectual work;
  • act on the family and professional atmosphere and environment;
  • enhance the action of homeopathic medicines or others;
  • promote sleep by placing the battery under the pillow or on the nightstand;
  • counteract the action of harmful waves (cell phones, WIFI, etc.);
  • promote growth and flowering of your plants by ligating a battery to the trunk or branches;
  • load irrigation water with planets influences of a particular type for better crops, etc.

After having determined the one or more batteries that will enhance the subject or the situation, simply charge the subject either by making him hold the right battery/ies or by impregnating any solid or liquid that he might swalow. Proceed similarly to enhance situations in house, rooms, offices and any other places where human being and/or animal and plants gather.

A planetary battery is made of :
  • a chemical symbol or its planetary correspondance;
  • a graphical symbol of the planet;
  • a color symbol;
  • a metaloid patern (homeopathic pellets).

These different element are combined into a hermetically sealed test tube. This combination will progressively load the battery with the vibrations of the planet of whivh it is the straight patern.

For more information, we recommend the book « Accus et batteries » written by F. et W. Servranx.

Field of influence of PLUTO

Pluto – Principle justice and clarity. Punishes andconveys the immanent justice with severity. Judges, shares and distributes equally. Firmly and providentially influences morallity. Final occurence, deep and  heavy. Sense of brotherhood, perfection, goodness, wisdom and equity.
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