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Auradyne + the book "Auradyne"

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Principal box in white, neutral and non-conductive plastic.
Width 25 cm x 8 cm x ±19 cm depth.
Battery included. And lamp test button on the front panel.
Handle PVC.

+ Book Auradyne offered

« It is like the sun that shines, heats and generates many energies, many of which are unknown, all without worrying about science...» Félix Servranx

The Auradyne is a transmitter of vital human type magnetism acting on the etheric and astral fields For the best of the person who submits knowingly to its influence. Its physiological magnetism is toning and balancing.

The power of this transmitter is equivalent to the constant transmission of human magnetism of about ten persons or three squilled magnetisers, over a period of minimum 2 years.

Auradyne is not a medical treatment device. It will not replace the therapist nor the medicines. On the other hand, it will contribute to maintain your health at a good level and will reinforce the good effects of any medical treatment.

It is not only of a great help to all dowsing beginners to whom it will quickly bring the necessary sensitiveness to become a talented operator.

If one hold himself in the opposed beams of a television tube and an Auradyne, the negative effect of the cathodic tube of the television will be cancelled and there will not be any kind of overcharged Auradyne effect. In other words the colision of the 2 beams cancel the respective effect of the beams on the human body.

If one remains in the beam transmitted by the Auradyne without noticing it, there is not need to fear any danger of being overcharged with the Auradyne's magnetic influence.

The action of this device is based on the property (rather neglected by official science today) of electrical batteries able to generate fluids amongst which some are of magnetic action. The beam generated is of combined polarities, positive and negative.

It generates natural fluids of magnetic origin that tunes with wave's length of some colors of the light spectrum.

This concept is familiar to dowsers and radionicians, but anyone with a little sensitivenes will feel it by holding its hand in front of the transmitter. One feels a sort of air movement in the hollow of the palm, either warm of cold according to the needs of the body at the time of the experiment.

The instructions of use are very simple : the subject places himself in front of the device, the transmitter (box) being of course centered on his body. The subject is of course aware of what is being carried out. Even if the subject is doubtful, Auradyne will generate its magnetic beam and the subject is going to receive that energy. The duration of exposure goes from 3 to 10 minutes.
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