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Anneau uni-métallique - NOIR - T. 63,3 cm

Life Ring necklace - Size 63,3 cm

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References : Anneau uni-métallique - NOIR - T. 63,3 cm

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Necklace – Lakhosvsky type
Size Ø  63,3 cm

Open oscillating circuit with metallic copper based conductor
Black Jacket :
leather imitation - Average Ø 4 mm.

This necklase is available in 3 sizes : 57,5 cm, 60 cm et 63,3 cm.
To chose the correct necklace, measure the head size at ears level and add 2 to 3 cm.

Necklace size 57,5 cm
Necklace size 60 cm

  • Powerfull naturopathic system, the oscillating circuits of Georges Lakhovsy are an important medical reference in good health since 1920.
  • Those necklaces and health rings help to fight stress, to stimulate the metabolism, to heal pains, to ameliorate sleeping quality, to increase concentration and capacities at work and in sports.
  • Those rings protect and regulate cosmic, telluric and ambiant vibrations, including those linked to electromagnetic industrial pollutions such as mobile telephones, WiFi, powerlines upto a certain point. They create a magnetic field around the subject/body that filters waves and absorbs them (ionizing and non-ionizing radiations).
  • The beneficial effect of the ring of life occurs with a very different speed from one person to another, because its action depends on the geological nature of the soil, habitat and body resistance.
  • But in any case, it will accomplish its work of energy rebalancing.
  • For people in big trouble. it is recommended to keep the necklace constantly day and night.
  • The others will carry it during daytime or in a timely manner, for instance, in case of pain and if you are long and regular contact with a mobile phone, with WiFi computers or in a disturbed electromagnetically place.
  • The physicist and biologist Georges Lakhovsky developed the theory of cellular oscillation en the 1920's which was immediately well appreciated by the elite of the scientific community which clearly endorsed the relation between radiations and vital phenomenon.
  • Lakhovsky demonstrates that the living cell is a small electric resonator and oscillator whose vibration is maintained by the radiant energy of electric radio waves that fill the atmosphere. He gets, through the influence of oscillating circuits, extraordinary results in therapeutic and plant development in general.
  • These circuits were made very simple: an open metal ring folded into one or more loops usually copper. These loops have the self-induction and capacity advantages and are likely to oscillate at very high frequencies.
  • Rarities for many years,  these mythical necklaces have been requested by many people for a long time. They asked only to reappear!
  • The passion for the immense work of the physicist and biologist Georges Lakhovsky and one of his major inventions (the oscillator circuit) motivated Philippe Curtil motivation to rigorously remanufacture new models in the spirit of the man who was the father of therapy resonance.
  • This, thanks to the advice of engineers and scientists: Guy Thieux, geophysicist friend and collaborator of Serge Lakhovsky (son of George Lakhovsky who still manufactures the "multiple waves oscillator") and Jacques Roll, electronics engineer, for its relevance in the field of fundamental physics.
  • With the GDV camera (Kirlian's bioelectrographic system) Philippe Curtil, a bio energy passionate and knowledgeable searcher in biophysics and quantum mechanics, has been able to demonstrate the positive effects produced by these necklaces on the body's energy system. This camera connected to a computer measures the biological energy fields of living beings.

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2 small rings for hanging jewelry or a pendant to your life ring.

Keywords : multiple wave oscillator, George Lakhovsky, lakhovsky oscillating circuits.
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