The power of swirl rings  ONLY ENGLISH TRANSLATION IN PDF FORMAT This graph, whose radionic and radiesthesic specifications are exposed at length...


The power of swirl rings


This graph, whose radionic and radiesthesic specifications are exposed at length in the work Radionics and remote action by the brothers Félix and William Servranx, represents one of the essential graphs of our series as it is powerful and simple to use.

Called Vortex-Ring, these rings-vortices draw their strength from what they represent in reality, that is to say, a powerful vortex constantly present in our environment. By its form, the drawing provokes an invisible whirlwind of the influence of the witness-subject and of the means of action, i.e. the elements which could be brought into contact with this transmitter (remedies, colors, numbers, words-witnesses of a determined goal...)

We placed a concentric circle amplifier in its center, because this is where the tourbillon actually has the least power. Then, as you know, the whirlwind itself becomes the amplifier of its initial effect and what it conveys has the same dynamics in all respects. Dynamic which is transported further and further from its point of emission and which, inevitably, meets the beneficiary.

Since the witness of the beneficiary, in other words the witness-subject, is present at the point of emission, the totality of the dynamic is thus directed towards the subject who will integrate it. So there is no loss of momentum along the way. By dynamic, we mean the clean energy emitted by the vortex in addition to the beneficial radiation it carries.

Place one beside the other, in the center of the graph, the witness-subject and the witness or the object which must give to the dynamics of the whirlwind the specification of the action intended for the beneficiary subject. The desired action can be materialized by a witness-word, with a positive thought, or a goal to achieve, a prayer, a remedy, a color...

This chart can be used by anyone, even those unfamiliar with dowsing.

Size 33 x 24.5 cm - 300 g plastic-coated cardboard. Front: the graphic. Back: instructions for use.

You will find in the book The Servranx graphics all the detailed graphics as well as articles written by specialists.
Also read: Fostering Your Goals, a truly comprehensive book that details how each chart works.

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