N° 54 - Ondiomètre élémentaire: NOTICE ANGLAISE ONLY
For all searches of distances, lengths, percentages, durations... ONLY ENGLISH TRANSLATION IN PDF FORMAT Simplification of the upper ondiometer (...


For all searches of distances, lengths, percentages, durations...


Simplification of the upper ondiometer (graph N°1), this double graph of dowsing was designed for the dowser of laboratory as for the dowser working in full nature since our goal is, of course, to make the work as easy as possible by reducing the material to the minimum necessary.

It allows to calculate directions, distances, balance and neutrality values, percentages, lengths, durations, numbers, directions in degrees, etc.

To illustrate our point, let us imagine a dowser working in old ruins where a permanent current of air blows. Our scholar is looking for buried historical details. With one hand, he holds his pendulum anyway; on the other, various objects that can help him in his research; all this while constantly having to move over very uneven and sometimes dangerous terrain.

He has the present graph and has therefore glued, using adhesive paper, the witness representing what he was looking for (probably a witness-words) in the center of the graph. He knows where North is and can therefore steer himself or ask the pendulum to indicate on the graph a direction in degrees with respect to the point where he is. He can, immediately after having received this first answer, check if he is not the plaything of his autosuggestion thanks to the dial of the percentages. He continues immediately afterwards by asking the pendulum to indicate the distance in meters separating him from the object of his search in the direction already indicated. Etc. The wind can do nothing against our graph which is rigid while remaining light, whereas if it were made of paper or cardboard, our dowser would spend more time holding it than holding his pendulum...

Size 33 x 24.5 cm - 300 g plastic-coated cardboard. Front: the graphic. Back: instructions for use.

You will find in the book The Servranx graphics all the detailed graphics as well as articles written by specialists.
Also read: Fostering Your Goals, a truly comprehensive book that details how each chart works.
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