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A wonderful device for better sleep  ONLY ENGLISH TRANSLATION IN PDF FORMATYou sleep badly and you are not rested when you wake up. This ultra-...


A wonderful device for better sleep

You sleep badly and you are not rested when you wake up. This ultra-simple radionics chart puts you to sleep without drugs. It makes moments of relaxation and sleep really effective and restorative for the whole organism, both physically and mentally.

It is very effective and brings fast and lasting results resulting in increased dynamism and renewed well-being and comfort, even in very sensitive subjects and in very nervous people.

Place the subject's photo (or other witness) on the large circles containing the numbers "9" taking care to point the subject's head towards the top of the graphic.

This graph:
- does not cause drowsiness.
- does not make waking up difficult; on the contrary, the subject feels fresh and alert and does not try to go back to sleep.
- does not create addiction or tyrannical need as some remedies do.
- must face north (see the mark on the top edge and face north).
- does not require any particular ability to use it. You don't have to be a dowser or a radionician to use this relaxation chart.

The principle of action of this graphic is doubled by the presence of the numbers "1", while the presence of the numbers "9" make it a charger in harmony with terrestrial magnetism and without danger for the organism. The influences of this dielectric charger are comparable to the human auras that can be observed in a man in perfect health, mental and physical.

This chart can be used by anyone, even those unfamiliar with dowsing.

Size 33 x 24.5 cm - 300 g plastic-coated cardboard. Front: the graphic. Back: instructions for use.

You will find in the book The Servranx graphics all the detailed graphics as well as articles written by specialists.
Also read: Fostering Your Goals, a truly comprehensive book that details how each chart works.

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