N° 62 - Moments favorables: NOTICE ANGLAISE ONLY
The best time for each of your actionsONLY ENGLISH TRANSLATION IN PDF FORMAT Make your arrangements on favorable days and times: important visits...


The best time for each of your actions


Make your arrangements on favorable days and times: important visits, very special letters, dates of sale, publication of advertisements, launch of a product...

Supposing that all the influences which, at each moment, can favor or disadvantage an enterprise are known, it would always be a laborious search to establish the place, the moment, the circumstances to be chosen for a given step. However, this research can be carried out by dowsing, without it being necessary to identify the influences in question.

To this end, we propose the use of the disc "Favorable moments" which will allow, by simple mental orientation, to find, at the moment when one thinks of a step: if it should be done immediately, or in what day and what time...

In writing this we have no special regard to astronomical or astrological influences, although experience has taught us the importance of these elements. Let us cite just one example, that of listings which, for many, are facilitated at times when the planets Mercury or Venus are well aspected. But there are many other influences at play and, even apart from any astrological concern, we must consider lunar influences, variations in atmospheric pressure, luminosity, air humidity, even electrical conditions.

Size 33 x 24.5 cm - 300 g plastic-coated cardboard. Front: the graphic. Back: instructions for use.

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